Willcox Guitars

W I L L C O X   G U I T A R S   |  L I G H T W A V E   S Y S T E M S

LightWave Systems Website Announcement

 Attention all friends of LightWave and visitors to the LightWave Systems website!

LightWave Systems has a new partner Company:

W I L L C O X    G U I T A R S

 LightWave will continue on as the optical pickup brand, and will move forward with the evolutionary development of the infrared optical pickup technology and its many applications.  Willcox Guitars will provide the quality stringed instruments, support gear, and accessories that feature the LightWave optical pickups, including the existing line of Saber Basses, the new Atlantis ElectroAcoustic Guitars, and many, many more to come.

You can visit the new Willcox Guitars website by clicking on this link:


 Please take a look around the new Willcox Guitars website when you get a chance.  You will see some familiar LightWave products, and you will also see that you can purchase the instruments, accessories, and spare parts online from the Willcox Guitars website.  The LightWave Systems website will remain up for a while, but in time it will be integrated into the new website. The Willcox Guitars website will also be expanded continuously, with regularly added content focused on audio and video files of Willcox | LightWave instrument demos and performances, featured artists, tutorials, online clinics, and much more.

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